Caution: This Food is Natural

Caution: This Food is NaturalYesterday as I was strolling down the beverage aisle of the grocery store, I spied these little princess and superhero-shaped water bottles. It’s a bit sad that marketers would have to put water in a princess container for kids to enjoy it; but if that’s what it takes for kids to drink water, it’s cool with me.  I picked up the bottle for further examination, and come to find out; it’s not actually water. It’s a “Naturally Flavored Water Drink.” Yep, it’s “natural water” with sodium hexametaphosphate, stevia extract, malic acid, potassium sorbate, and a heap of added B vitamins. The label proudly states “Water, Only Better.” I have a new slogan for you Aquaball, “Water, Only Worse.” I should work in advertising, right?

There is that lovely list of natural ingredients
There is that lovely list of natural ingredients
Flavored water is not good for you
Water, Only Worse!

Why, oh why on earth do we need to put stevia in children’s water drinks?  Why is there even such a thing as a “water drink?” I’d rather have my (non-existent) kid drink water out of the hose than drink that stupid crap. Sure, stevia is derived from a plant, but after a child gets a taste for sweetened water, do you think they are ever going to want plain, actual water again? Probably not.  Not to mention that Stevia is not produced just by grinding up a leaf. It undergoes quite a bit of processing to get the sweet flavor, and knock out the bitter fl

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  1. My gosh, what a racket! I’m against bottled water in general as the commoditization of a free natural resource, but sweetening and flavouring water? That makes me furious! I’m totally with you – I’d rather that my (also non existent) kids drink water from a hose than drink that crap. Unreal!

  2. Sometimes I’m in such a “zone” when I go grocery shopping that I fail to even see things like this on the shelf. Maybe that’s a good thing?! But likely not once my kids can start asking for it 🙂 Thanks for flagging and I totally agree with you Heather!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Yes, it will be interesting to see if the new labels are really better.

    1. Thanks Jessica! Sorry, your comments were going to spam and I didn’t see them until now.

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