Noah’s First Birthday Party

This past weekend we celebrated my nephew’s first birthday. It was a doggy themed party, complete with puppy chow (coco puffs), doggy goodie bags, and of course, a doggy cake. I made the doggy cake using this recipe. It was actually pretty easy. The only thing I did differently was used cookies for the eyes instead of spice drops. I also added the pink ears with the fruit roll up. If you ever plan on throwing a doggy themed birthday party, I highly recommend this cake.

Doggy Goodie Bag
If there is a stick anywhere near, Noah is sure to find it!

Puppy Dog Cake

It was such a beautiful day filled with adorable kiddos, lot’s of jumping in the bounce house, and delicious food! We had some of the food catered from Ali Baba cafe in Simi Valley. They have really good made from scratch Mediterranean food and they are always very friendly. The rest of the salads were homemade by my family. It was lovely to see real adult food being served to children, instead of the standard pizza, chicken nuggets, or hot dog. Death to the Chicken Finger sums up perfectly how I feel about children being offered only certain “kiddie” foods all the time. It ruins what little food culture we have and makes childhood obesity sky rocket all at the same time. End Rant.


Overall, it was a great day. My sister planned everything perfectly and we all had a wonderful time! Now for a barrage of friends and family pictures.

Yes, that’s a tear drop rolling down his cheek. There was just a little drama with the candle blowing out.
With Mommy and Daddy
With Mommy and Daddy
It's not a party at the Mason's unless there are two Elsas!
It’s not a party at the Mason’s unless there are two Elsas!




We tried to get all the babies together looking the same way. Nope, not gonna work!



Babies in a wagon!
Babies in a wagon!
The whole gang
The whole gang!
I hope you had a Happy Hirthday Noah! Auntie Heath loves you!
I hope you had a Happy Hirthday Noah! Auntie Heath loves you!


7 thoughts on “Noah’s First Birthday Party

  1. Abby had a blast even though she couldn’t enjoy any of the food!

    One mom in my baby class once told our class the best advice she ever received was when going out for meals, don’t let your children order from the kids menu because it is always the same chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, etc. Most restaurants will let you order a small grilled chicken breast and veggies or something of the like.

    1. yes, definitely! Great advice! It’s good that kids can have a small portion of something, but it doesn’t always have to be chicken nuggets or grilled cheese. They need variety, just like adults!

    1. hahah, thanks! Too funny, because I was going to write a comment about how there wasn’t candy in the goodie bags and the kids still enjoyed them.

  2. aww so cute!! My one and only nephew’s name is Noah too, and he just celebrated his 3rd birthday as well! so cool 😉 Love all the photos!! I def sense the love hehe.

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