Why I’m Saying No to Bacon

Why I'm Saying No To Bacon

Hi friends!

Well, my hopes of pumping out blogs upon returning home have not come to fruition, mostly because I have been too busy fighting off the Panamanian Death Plague for the last ten days. I’m one round of antibiotics deep and this illness is still going strong. Bleh!

In other news, I have decided I’m going to be a real vegetarian again. I guess I will have to change my “about me” bio. I have been a vegetarian on and off (mostly on) for the last twenty years. I can’t remember exactly how I decided to be a vegetarian when I was 7 years old, but I do think it had something to do with my sister chasing me with a “pig’s wiener” AKA hot dog.11875046_452608311587157_2652740731473849173_o


When I was in Nicaragua I came across too many sweet little piggys, and thought, I really don’t need to be eating these adorable, intelligent creatures. While I may enjoy the crunch of crispy bacon, there are many other plant based foods that I enjoy just as much. So I have decided I will be saying farewell to bacon, pepperoni, and the occasional fried chicken. Yes, I’m probably still going to eat fish from time to time. It’s hard for me to feel REALLY bad for fish. At least If they are wild caught they don’t have to experience the torture that most factory farm animals endure their entire lives. As for eggs and dairy, it is hard to bake without them, so I’m not going full vegan. But I am committing to buying organic and small farm dairy and eggs whenever possible.

In honor of Nutty Nutrition officially becoming a vegetarian blog, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite vegetarian and vegan bloggers.

The Muffin Myth. Katie is a fellow nutritionist who loves debunking food myths just as much as I do. She also has you covered anytime a “Snack Attack” strikes. Try her no sugar banana bran muffins.


Oh My Veggies. This is my go to source for all things vegetarian. From Saturday Potlucks to vegetarian cooking tips, OMV has you covered.


Hurry The Food Up. Howie is hilarious and will help you make the perfect vegan pancake.


Minimalist Baker. Minimalist? not so much. Amazing, oh yes. Dana is the vegan baking and cooking master.


The Roasted Root– Beautiful photography, gourmet vegan, vegetarian and paleo recipes

Vegan Corn Chowder by the Roasted Root

The Foodie Dietitian. Kara Lydon is a fellow dietitian, foodie and yogi. She creates amazing recipes and focuses on mindful eating and healthful living.


What are some of your favorite blogs? Let me know in the comments!





10 thoughts on “Why I’m Saying No to Bacon

    1. Oh yes, Healthy Maven is good too! Thanks for reminding me and thanks for the comment Kerri!

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Heather! I’ve never seen such beautiful cows as when I’ve travelled through Costa Rica, so I totally know what you mean. Good luck on giving up the bacon! And, while I haven’t had the real stuff in well over 20 years, coconut bacon is pretty dang tasty in my opinion!

  2. You totally caught me off guard with the post title! I had to click over expecting the latest paleo high fat/ low fat debate and then when I saw it was you becoming vegetarian I literally thought “awww how sweet.” While I’ve dabbled in Vegetarianism/Veganism in the past and found it wasn’t for me I am in full support of those who are! Especially from a sustainability aspect, good luck! I’ll be looking forward to some post I can share in honor of meatless monday!
    Kelli @ Hungry Hobby recently posted…4.5 Mile 5-4-3-2 Treadmill RoutineMy Profile

    1. Hahah, thanks for the comment Kelli. Haha, I was trying to be a little tricky with the title. Yes, there will be lots of meatless meals here!

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