Why You Will Never Find the Word “Detox” In My Recipes

image from natural mentor.com
image from natural mentor.com

This morning I opened up one of my favorite food blogs, excited to read about whatever great new recipe she had cooked up. Excited until I read the recipe title. The Best Detox Soup. That’s when all of my happiness turned into rage and annoyance Really, detox soup? Girl, you made soup. Sure, the soup is healthy, maybe it is THE BEST (who am I to judge?) but I will tell you it is not a freakin’ detox. And you are being a sell-out by giving it that title. I don’t care if adding the word detox to recipes gets more hits, it is completely false and misleading. The greenest green juice smoothie with chia seeds and organic grass fed fairy dust is not a “detox,” and neither is your soup.

By definition, a detoxification or detox for short, is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including the human body, which is mainly carried out by the liver. The liver, yes, you’re working liver can help detoxify you. If you think that eating detox soup, detox juice cleanse, supplements, or other “detox” diet is going to rid your body of toxins you are wrong. That’s not how it works.  Our kidneys and liver work hard to detoxify our bodies. Yes, you should eat healthy foods, maybe you should even eat lentil soup to help keep your organs healthy, but the soup itself is not a detox.

If you are thinking that there is no real harm in calling something a detox as long as it is healthy, that is at least partially true. I want you to make and eat her vegetable soup, I’m sure it’s awesome. I just don’t want you to be under the impression that the soup detoxifys you from last nights Corona’s, nachos, or rat poison. I also don’t recommend dropping cash on any non-food supplement type products being pushed as a detox. Because they don’t work and you don’t need them.

Last but not least, let’s talk about a sugar detox. If you want to detox from sugar, sure, I support you on that one. But why can’t we just go back to 2005 (the good ole’ days) and say something simple like “I’m not eating sugar this week.” or “No thanks, I don’t want cake today.” In 2016, abstaining from sugar is a drama filled event which all of your friends must be reminded of through constant Facebook updates (the headaches, the cravings, stay strong you can do this!) and early morning gym check ins.

Alright, as you may guess, I’m exaggerating ever so slightly. I just hope you understand that the word detox in relation to food is total B.S. and largely a marketing scam!

17 thoughts on “Why You Will Never Find the Word “Detox” In My Recipes

  1. So true! It cracks me up! When I worked at the gym we had a D.TOX program, I always tried to explain to members it wasn’t that the shake was a magic detox drink it was that while you participated in the program you gave your liver a chance to work through all nachos, beer, and rat poison without putting anything additional in. They still wanted it to be a magic program though, lol #itried
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  2. Everyone is looking for the magic detox pill. I wish I could post this in the gym, every time I walk by a trainer, they are pushing something to detox or trying to get their clients to buy huge protein tubs! Love this blog!!

  3. This post made me laugh out loud! I had someone approach me once about writing a guest post for their blog called “A guide to detoxing” and I responded with similar rage. (I actually ended up writing the post, but it was about how detox is, well, not real.)

  4. This is great! If you read Ben Goldacre’s definition on detox I think you will find someone who is like minded! Feel free to pop in an have a read on my new post on health which I think you would appreciate! Keep up the writing!
    Fellow Nutritionist

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