Workout Wednesday: 6 Pack Abs in Two Moves

Yesterday cake, today abs!

If you are wondering what type of blog this actually is, that is a good question. I like variety. I once had a plan that I would be a weather woman who taught a workout class and then made a meal on a cooking show. The type of meal we would make would correspond to the weather, and the type of workout we would do would depend on the meal. For example, cold weather would be soup and yoga. Hot weather would be indoor spin and pasta. Make sense? Is it just me? Well two out of three aint bad.

This blog is a hybrid, but it will pretty much all be healthy living related. Primarily nutrition and food, with some workout stuff on Wednesdays! If you are not interested in 6 pack abs, toned arms, and sexy legs, just tune me out on Wednesdays.

10 Minute Abdominal Workout

  • 30 basic crunches (keep chin off chest, don’t pull neck)
  • 1 minute Russian twist (from video)
  • rest 10- 20 seconds
  • 10 push ups (knee push ups or wall push ups)
  • 1 minute jack knives (bent or straight legs, from video)
  • rest 10- 20 seconds
  • 1 minute plank (abs strong, no mountains or valleys)

Congratulations! You made it. Repeat twice.


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